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  Let's recap everything so far!

Congratulations on making it through Part 1. Thinking About Music.

Let's recap the key points you need to remember.

Key points

  • Deeply study small cells of information
  • Immerse yourself in a musical environment
  • Use a timer to maintain focus
  • Develop your dynamics and phrasing

What's next?

Music is a pathway.

We're all on the road together; improving, playing, and practicing. Don't be discouraged by how far you need to travel. Focus on enjoying the journey. Keep the music going!

Your next step

Congratulations, you have completed Part 1. Thinking About Music.

The remainder of your course is à la carte; choose your area to focus on. If you're short on time, jump to Part 3. Micro Lessons for a bite-size lesson. Want to go deeper? Continue to Part 2. Core Techniques.

If you'd prefer to learn a fun song, jump to Part 4. Songs.