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  Symphony (Intermediate)

Welcome to my most recent song, Symphony.

This one is a lot of fun, and makes use of the Keeley Electronics Caverns reverb pedal.

In Symphony, we have a reoccurring melodic fragment, reharmonizes in a few different ways. This shows you just how much harmony can change the mood of the melody.

Tip: Use some space reverb and maybe some delay to nail the ambient vibe.

Competition; Win a Pedal

We’re giving away a Caverns reverb pedal to one person who covers Nicholas Veinoglou’s song, “Symphony” (TAB in bio).

To enter to win:

  1. Follow @NicholasVeinoglou, @Pickupjazz, @keeleyelectronics
  2. Post your cover of “Symphony” (learn it via the link in bio)
  3. Tag #CavernsGiveaway

Full rules here.

CHRD Symphony.pdf