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  Welcome! Let's get started. ๐Ÿ’ก

Howdy, welcome to my Pickupjazz course!

Get ready to dive into the depths of Neo-soul guitar (and beyond). You'll learn how to make spicy chord progressions come to life, soloing concepts to get you away from your usual โ€œlicksโ€, and different techniques which will help you develop a stronger understanding of the fretboard.

Before you Start

Keep in mind learning guitar is a lifelong endeavor; Iโ€™m here to share some of what Iโ€™ve learned journey so far, and inspire you to push the boundaries of what the guitar can do!

At the end of the course, youโ€™ll find some of my original tunes. I encourage you to learn them and share them on Instagram. Make sure you tag me (@nicholasveinoglou and use #TheDonutDoctor) so I can find them.

Coming Soon

I will be adding new songs to this course, so this is just the start! We'll also be adding synced InstantNotation on March 19, so stay tuned for that exciting update.

Watch my course overview video below, then let's get started!